Our Vets Continue Helping Our Horses in Pandemic

We are extremely grateful to our wonderful vets who haven’t missed a beat when it comes to the care of our rescue horses despite the challenges of the pandemic.
Thank you to Dr. Mary Beth Hamorski and Dr. Simone Koster for ensuring our horses are comfortable and well.

Dr. Koster treating Tyler with acupuncture to relieve muscle soreness.

Tyler has various lameness issues – arthritis in his left knee and now some issues with his stifles in his hind legs. We have found that the acupuncture treatments seem to make him more comfortable. Dr. Koster performs the treatments about once a month. They are about an hour long and help to relieve soreness in his muscles. Tyler is such a character, always looking for a horse treat. He constantly makes low nickering sounds to us and is very social. He enjoys attention. We want to make him as comfortable as we can, given his issues. Tyler is about 27 years old now.

Dr. Koster takes X-rays of Piper’s front hooves to determine why she’s been feeling sore.

Dr Koster had to X-ray Piper’s front hooves because she has been sore. We wanted to make sure she wasn’t having a bout of laminitis. She had also been sore in her neck. These concerns led us to test Piper for Lyme disease which came up positive. We subsequently treated her for Lyme disease. She has definitely improved and is less stiff. She no longer seems painful in her neck. Often times with the horses we don’t have clear cut answers and have to do more testing to get answers to be able to provide the proper treatment.