How to Help


Please help the many horses that are assisted and cared for by Mylestone Equine Rescue with as generous a donation as you can make. Every dollar is put to good use! Once victims of starvation, abuse and abandonment, once forsaken for the services they could no longer perform, once alone with no one to care...that was once the life of all the horses at Mylestone. They now know the best of care...but only because of you.

The average cost of taking care of a horse can be $200 to $250 per month and sometimes much more when special medications, feed, shoes or other care is needed. Thank you for making a donation today and helping us help the horses who need it most.

To donate, please either download our Donation Form and fill it out or use the Donate button at the top of this page.

Mylestone Equine Rescue, Inc. is a federal 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation
dedicated to helping horses in need. All donations
are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Material Donations

Mylestone greatly appreciates the donation of food and material goods that meet the needs of our horses, our general operation, fund-raising efforts, etc. If donating items such as blankets, halters, sheets, fly masks, tack, etc., please understand we can only accept items in new or like-new condition. Donated items must be clean. We cannot accept open bags of grain, feed, supplements, etc.- all must be factory sealed for the horses' protection. If you wish to donate tack, it cannot be in need of any repairs. We consign a lot of our donated items to Horseman's Outlet, who very generously give us 100% of the consignment proceeds.

If you wish to donate material items, it is necessary to call ahead and make an appointment in advance to arrange a mutually convenient time and to assure that someone will be present to accept your donation. Thank you!

There is nothing greater that Mylestone wishes for all horses than a peaceful and loving life. We do our best to try and fulfill that dream for as many horses as we can, and you can assist us by filling our Wish List!

Our Wish List

  • More Dedicated Volunteers for farm and event help
  • Forever Stamps
  • First cutting grass hay
  • Second cutting grass hay
  • Triple Crown Senior Grain
  • Triple Crown Lite Grain
  • Purina Equine Senior Grain
  • Purina Adult Grain
  • Ulcergard
  • Neigh Lox
  • Apple A Day Electrolytes
  • Pine Shavings (comes in large bags)
  • Muck rakes
  • New 5 gallon flat back buckets
  • New large muck tubs
  • Soft Horse Treats (Squeezy Buns, Stud Muffins etc..)
  • Gift cards to Horsemen's Outlet, Tractor Supply or Amazon for office supplies
  • Individual sized snacks and cases of water bottles for volunteers