Mylestone is always looking for dedicated volunteers to care for the horses.

Volunteers* are the most wonderful gift a Mylestone horse could have! Without volunteers, the Mylestone operation would come to a grinding halt and would have to close its doors -- it's as simple as that. We truly could not do it without you!

Volunteers are always needed in several areas of the operation, but one of the most critical requirements is commitment! If you want to help the horses, we need a commitment to a regular schedule, even if that's only once a week - you ARE important and we really do count on you, especially in day to day care of the horses.

If you can assist in the following ways, please let us know!

  • Mucking stalls and picking fields (not glamorous, but necessary)
  • Feeding at the different meals throughout the day
  • Fundraising for donations and sponsors
  • Helping get our newsletter mailings out on a quarterly basis
  • Volunteering to solicit donations for upcoming silent auctions
  • Volunteering at different events off the farm for fundraising


Would you like to make a real difference in the lives of rescued horses? If so, please fill out our Volunteer Application as follows:

Please download our Volunteer Application, open in MS Word, fill it out, and e-mail it to us at the address provided on the application. Include `Volunteer Application' in the subject line. If you would prefer mailing it to us, please mail to the address on the application. Thank you for caring enough to want to make a difference to the horses.

*IMPORTANT - Volunteers need to be 18 years of age or older.

**Please be sure before making a commitment to volunteer that you consistently have the time in your schedule to do so. Also, be sure the distance you must travel is do-able for you on a regular basis. Remember -- the horses and other volunteers count on you to be there! Thank you.

Note: We ask you be able to commit to volunteering at twice a month on a regular basis, especially if you don’t have horse experience. Training takes time and we want you to feel comfortable working around the horse.