Maggie’s Been Adopted!

We recently got an unexpected surprise; Maggie’s longtime foster mom, Laurel, decided she wanted to adopt Maggie permanently. We got the news after Maggie finally recovered from her eye removal surgery.


We couldn’t he happier for Maggie. Laurel has been devoted to Maggie since she was rescued from an auction back in 2012.

Maggie was first fostered by Patty in south Jersey, and In May of 2012, she came up to a foster farm near Mylestone. Our vet’s evaluation revealed some lameness front and behind, though they weren’t serious issues.

Maggie settled into her foster home with Laurel where she gained between 50 – 75 pounds, and looked wonderful. She has a large pasture and became part of a small herd with a strong attachment to an older gelding, Lincoln, at the time. Maggie loved being brushed and immediately began enjoying her new life, which she does to this day.

In April 2021, Maggie developed an ulcer in her eye. Drops were attempted, but the usually calm and cooperative Maggief ought back at every attempt to treat her. Due two a number of factors, it was finally decided that the best thing for Maggie was to remove her eye. Once she was back on her farm with Laurel and her horse buddies, Maggie felt great and recovered quickly.

We can’t thank Laurel enough for being there for Maggie all this time. Maggie continues to enjoy such a wonderful life, and her adoption makes our happiness – and hers – complete!