Losing Our Beloved Dakota and Phebe

This is very difficult to write. Tragically, we lost 2 of our beloved rescue horses this past month Dakota and Phebe.

Dakota was the kindest horse; he was rescued in 2002 with the help of a vet when he went lame and could no longer be ridden. We loved and cared for Dakota for the past 19 years; he was 31 years old. He was so gentle and loving. Made the best faces when looking for treats. He had many chronic medical issues over the years but was a good patient. We had been treating a hind hoof abscess he had, but he seemed to have other issues beyond just a typical abscess. He went down in his stall one afternoon and was unable to get up. The vet believes he had a stroke. He is dearly missed and was very loved.

Then sweet Phebe pony left us just recently due to a horrible bout of colic. Phebe was a beautiful mare that loved attention and to be groomed. She and Dakota were used in our grooming programs for special needs kids. Phebe thrived on all the TLC. Phebe was a stunning paint with the markings of a giant heart on her side. We tried to save Phebe pony; she was so stoic and such a good patient through it all. Despite IV fluids, emergency vet visits, up all hours walking her, and lots of meds, she did not improve. Even though she was 25+, losing Phebe was a shock. She had been so healthy and thriving.

These horses were so special … kind souls that really understood people, especially the kids in the grooming program. Dakota and Phebe provided much needed unconditional love. We miss seeing their faces in the barn looking for horse cookies. We lost Phebe right before Christmas, Dakota a few weeks earlier.

2021 has been a very rough year, losing 5 horses. We’ve had many of our horses for years and years. Faced with their passing has left us all beyond heartbroken, consoled only by the knowing of what good lives we were able to give them all here at Mylestone.