In Memory of Logan

We are devastated to share with you we lost our dear Logan. He was saved from the auction in 2011 but had been horribly abused in his past. In the last few year he has battled serious intestinal issues starting in 2018 when he was in the equine hospital because he stopped eating and drinking. While he did rally, he has continued to have these unexplained bouts despite many tests.

This year, he hasn’t been right on and off for a couple of months and then recently he became acutely lame in his left front knee. Logan was treated for Lyme disease but in the process his intestinal issues flared up and he stopped eating and drinking again. Despite IV fluids, he didn’t rally. He would eat some grass, and we stayed up around the clock hand grazing him every few hours. We were going to try another antibiotic when he developed diarrhea. He was very uncomfortable and his gum color was not good. We made the agonizing decision to humanely euthanize him. The vet felt he could have cancer or internal abscesses causing the chronic intestinal problems.

We adored Logan; he had come such a long way from the terrified pony who was dropped off – sedated – to us, to become trusting and accepting of certain people. With his beautiful blue eyes, Logan was a fixture on the farm, and was very demanding for his meals when he felt well. He was spoiled, adored and loved in hopes of undoing the horrible torture he endured in his past.

The farm is quiet without his antics. His earned trust was truly a gift to be treasured, and his passing has left a profound emptiness. Run free, Logan.