In Memory of Ghost

Sadly we must share with you that Ghost was humanely put down.


Ghost was very majestic and proud. We saved him from ending up at an auction and gave him 16 good years here. He’d been on his way to auction because he couldn’t jump the level his owner’s trainer wanted and he was simply discarded for another new horse. Unfortunately, offers of adoption fell through over the years, but we continued to care for him for more than half of his life. Ghost was 29-30 years old.

Ghost had many melanomas both inside his body and out. In the past couple of months his behavior dramatically changed; it became erratic and fearful. He was bonded to Bruce and was usually good for him and that changed, too. We tried many different solutions to manage his behavioral changes; the vets did blood work and various other tests. We did not feel Ghost could handle going to an equine hospital for a scan of his brain. He had not been off the farm since he arrived many years ago and was attached to the horses here. We wondered if he had a melanoma pressing somewhere near his brain causing these behavioral changes.

As an ex-racehorse, Ghost was high strung and needed a lot of extra attention. But these recent changes were difficult to manage and dangerous, and Bruce feared he was going to get hurt. After much discussions with our vets, we finally had no other options.

Ghost was adored by many and will be missed.