Dentist Day at the Farm – 2021

Bill Schultze working on Holly.

October 25th was dentist day at the farm for the rescue horses. Bill Schultze, Jim Edwards, and Brian Shaw came to the farm to take care of the horses’ teeth. The day went very smoothly and they were done in about 3 hours. Our vet, Dr. Mary Beth Hamorski, sedated most of the horses while they had their teeth done. Only Scout and Mini Pearl did not need to be sedated.

Susankelly is typically the only one who can catch Shadow, but had gone to pick up pizza for everyone’s lunch, so Shadow was set to be rescheduled. We also wanted to wait on Yaz (below) because he had a cut behind his ears that required a couple of staples. He was scheduled to be done in November when Bill Schultze and Dianne Frack would come back for Shadow and another rescue pony.

Bill and Dianne tend to Yaz’ dental when his ear was healed up.

We greatly appreciate all the help we had the day of our horses’ dental work, including Mike, Ed, Lois, Lori, Robin, and Nikki. Our horse dentists generously donate their time taking care of the rescue horses’ teeth, saving us thousands of dollars every year. We are extremely grateful for their generous support.