Blue and Little Buddy Saved from Going to Auction

Mylestone worked with a longtime friend to rescue Blue, a blind Standardbred gelding, from ending up back at an auction. Blind horses are not supposed to be run through the auctions, but it does happen. He was used as an Amish buggy horse until he lost his sight.

Blue in quarantine; he is kind and gentle, and has adjusted well to his blindness.

Blue is very well adjusted to his blindness. He is about 10 years old and is currently in quarantine at a friend’s farm. We are hoping that Blue will be able to go to a rescue for blind horses in VA in the coming months as a companion for another blind gelding. I was concerned about Blue being alone in quarantine so we purchased a small older pony who is named Little Buddy to be a companion to Blue. Little Buddy is in his 20’s, probably has Cushing’s disease, and has foundered in the past. He also has an old injury to his left eyelid which didn’t heal properly.

Little Buddy is also sweet, and a great companion to Blue in quarantine.

Eventually, Little Buddy will come to our farm and hopefully be able to go out with Lucy and Tyler. Both Blue and Little Buddy are doing well in quarantine and have been evaluated by a vet. We are very happy to be able to help Blue and Little Buddy get a second chance.

Update: We are very happy to share that once out of quarantine, Blue has gone down to the sanctuary for blind horses in VA we’d been in touch with, and Little Buddy has come to the farm. Stay tuned for more news about Little Buddy soon!

Update 12/27/21: Jiminy and Little Buddy are now together and quickly became the best of friends. They’re so compatible it’s as if they’ve known each other all their lives!