Sanctuary Horses: Tommy Two Tone

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Tommy Two-Tone is a small paint pony gelding, about 23 years old, (in 2021). He was rescued from a dealer who was taking him to auction at New Holland. Tommy was very ill with pneumonia, left untreated for a long time. As a result he was extremely listless and quiet. Unfortunately, he developed scar tissue in his lungs, and the irreversible damage has left him with heaves; a chronic respiratory condition managed with medication. All this resulted from lack of early treatment. He is fine now, but requires Albuterol as needed and must live outside. He is sound, quite fresh and a good guy. He runs and plays now, and seems very happy.

Tommy has a strong bond with his paddock mate, Livy, and the two of them are inseparable. Despite their very close bond, Livy tends to dominate Tommy when it comes to feeding time. It's the only time the two are separated, or Livy will eat Tommy's food! But it doesn't take long for everything to return to Tommy and Livy's enduring fondness for one another. Tommy also loves to play with his horse friends Emmett and Woody, often galloping up and down the fence with them.

We had always hoped that a home would arrive that would would be willing to take this devoted twosome in. Time has passed, and they are still here, and adoption is really no longer a good option for them, but sponsorship is!