Adoptable Horses: Starry Night

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Starry Night is a stunning grey gelding in his mid-twenties and came to us in late summer 2019 with Casper, another gelding. He is very playful almost to a fault. He can be too rough, but has calmed down since he first arrived. He goes out by himself and plays over the fence with different horses. He used to call out to all the horses when he first came, as he’d been with only one horse for many years. Now Starry has lots of friends. He likes people and is overall good to work with. He certainly has lots of spunk and can be seen galloping laps up and down our fields.

Starry Night and Casper came to us due to a tragic situation. Their owners were being court ordered off their property and there was no one to care for the horses. It was a dire situation for the horses and we agreed to take them. Since the horses were relatively local two friends of Mylestone were able to trailer them to the farm on short notice. Happily, they settled in well.

Starry Night is in need of some sponsors - could you consider sponsoring him? Thank you!