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Scout is truly Mylestone's gentle giant. A Premarin (or PMU) foal, he arrived from Canada in 1998, barely 2-1/2 months old. He was an extra in a shipment that Mylestone was placing into homes. He was quite sick and younger than the other foals in the group, so Susankelly took him on as her own. Due to his frailty, he was assigned a babysitter in the form of Linus, a miniature horse and former mascot, until he was strong enough to join the other foals. The vet determined fairly early on that Scout - officially Scout's Honor - had some neurologic issues, and that he may not be ridable.

Scout is mostly Percheron or a cross, and, as is typical of the breed, was jet black when he arrived. As you can see from one of his baby pictures, taken in May of 2002, he was still very dark. His wide-eyed, innocent look won the hearts of everyone he met, and all of our volunteers wanted to interact and help out with Scout. But because he was still Susankelly's horse, insurance restrictions did not permit the volunteers to do so.

With his winning ways, (which includes his throwing his food dish over the stall and into the barn aisle when done), and his popularity at Open House, it was decided to bring Scout into the Mylestone family. Now he enjoys the attention of volunteers, but also of the special needs students that come to brush the horses.

Scout, at left, just 5 months later, at Open House 2002.

Scout has a wonderful, easygoing personality with everyone and is happy to see you, (unless he's napping.) Now 19 years old, (in 2017), he stands over 17 hands and has a huge head, as big as a small human body! He spends daytimes out in the front field, sharing good times with best buddy Dillon, and evenings in the barn.

Now that Scout is "officially" the good will ambassador for Mylestone, he would love your support! You can now sponsor Scout or donate towards filling his bottomless feed bucket, (huge horses do eat quite a bit!) Be sure to visit him at Open House, where at the end of the day, you can watch him dozing off, but trying to keep his eyes open. A gentle giant he is ... what's not to love?

At right, at Open House 2004 - inquiring minds want to know ... do you have a treat for me?

And although Scout has a number of medical issues and is not ridable, that doesn't take away for one second how utterly handsome he is today, as well as nearly completely snow white. At Open House, he is everyone's sweetheart and happy to provide a great photo opportunity with visitors, so be sure to stop by and say hello.