Sanctuary Horses: Mini Pearl and Poppy

Horses | Mini Pearl and Poppy


Mini Pearl and Poppy were taken in by Mylestone in June 2012. Pearl is now about 12 years, (in 2021), Poppy the goat, 11. They came from a woman who was facing foreclosure on her house, which meant that the two best buddies would have nowhere to go.

She had rescued Mini pearl about two years ago from a local auction, concerned as to what would happen to the miniature horse. A few days later she purchased a goat, Poppy, to be Pearl's companion. Both were kept in the basement. When the basement flooded, the pair was moved upstairs into the woman's bedroom.

Although the woman provided some basic care, she was unaware of all the needs of the two animals. Mini Pearl's hooves grew deformed. They lived in this small bedroom for about two years, spending no time outside. It was the threat of foreclosure that started wheels in motion for Pearl and Poppy's future to look brighter.

With their own special shed and enclosure at Mylestone, Mini Pearl and Poppy are now enjoying the sunshine and being outdoors as well as the company of nearby horses. Your supporting them through a donation towards their care or your being a sponsor of Mini Pearl and Poppy would make their day! Can you help?