Adoptable Horses: Marley

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Marley, about 25 years at the time of his rescue, arrived at the farm on August 24, 2018 along with his best buddy, Tango. They were both part of a high-profile rescue case in NJ that had become overwhelmed with too many horses and too little funds. Mylestone reached out to the woman running the rescue and offered to take two geldings. Patty and Bill, longtime friends of MER, helped out by quarantining the two boys for a month in South Jersey until they were ready to come to us.

Marley and Tango were starved and in poor condition when they arrived, so were started slowly on a refeeding program prescribed by the vet. Due to his not being fed regularly, Marley suffered with some digestive issues which resulted in extensive vet bills, but he has shown some improvement over time. Marley and Tango arrived both needing to gain 150-200 pounds.

Although Marley came to us starved, you can see he has now filled out beautifully. Marley loves to gallop up and down the fence line playing with the other horses. He has a feisty streak especially at feeding time. But he’d be nothing but sweet if you were his sponsor.

Your support of Marley is greatly appreciated. Please consider a donation to help with his support and medical bills or you can sponsor Marley.