Sanctuary Horses: Little Buddy

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Little Buddy is a small, older pony in his 20's. Mylestone purchased him at auction to be a companion in quarantine (photo right), for another horse we rescued, a blind Standardbred gelding named Blue. Little Buddy's personality is very sweet and he made a great companion to Blue during quarantine.

Little Buddy probably has Cushing’s disease, and has foundered in the past. He also has an old injury to his left eyelid which didn’t heal properly. We were very happy to give this little guy a second chance; he deserved it.

When the quarantine period was up, Blue went to VA to a blind horse rescue, and Little Buddy came to the farm. We initially thought he'd be a good fit with Lucy and Tyler, but as it turned out, he made a great new friend in Jiminy. The two pal around as if they've known each other all their lives, and it couldn't have worked out better for both of them.

Although Little Buddy only came to us in December 2021, he has made great strides, and is already looking like a brand new pony, as you can see from his photos! All he needs now to complete the picture is you!

Please consider sponsoring our sweet new pony, Little Buddy. He will be ever so grateful and promises to send you photos and updates on his progress here at Mylestone. If you would prefer to make a donation towards his care, you can donate here, and please mention it's for Little Buddy. Thank you!