Adoptable Horses: Gus

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We welcomed Gus to the farm in May. He had been a longtime lesson horse for many years at a stable in NJ. Unfortunately, the stable had to close for financial reasons. We had originally agreed to take on a different gelding who had been there for many years too. We were paying board for him until he could come to the farm, but happily, he ended up being adopted with his pasture mate to one of our supporters. So we offered to take Gus and give him a home here.

Gus is in his early 20’s (in 2021) and is a beautiful chestnut gelding. He settled in fairly quickly here and goes out with Phineas (a horse rescued and whose expenses are paid for by our kindhearted eldest son, Samuel.) Gus has a large stall in the barn with a window where he enjoys hanging his head out. He is about 15.1 hands high and a stocky Quarter Horse. He does need special shoes due to navicular disease. He taught many people over the years to ride and is now going to enjoy retirement. We hope the school children will be able to return for the grooming program. Gus will be a wonderful addition for the students to groom.

Gus would love you to sponsor him!