Sanctuary Horses: Emmett

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Emmett has been a familiar face at the farm for many years and he is a real character. He was purchased at the auction and left in Susankelly’s name by a woman she didn’t know. He is in his mid-late 20’s, (in 2020), and is a 16 hand Appaloosa gelding. Susankelly was fortunate enough to have a great group of people that quarantined him for free in 2009. We thought we had a home for him but it fell through when it was determined Emmett does not see well at night. Therefore living out 24/7 was not an option for him.

Not long after Emmett arrived at the farm he developed a terrible tendon sheath infection that blew out his left knee. It was an extensive injury and in order for Emmett to heal he was going to require many months of stall rest and bandaging. Emmett was amazingly good about being on stall rest for an entire year!

We are very grateful to Dr. Wilson for all the time she devoted to getting Emmett better. He also has arthritis in his right hock and there are times when it flares up and he is lame. He is very strong and does need an experienced handler. He just doesn’t know his own strength.

Emmett honestly prefers his stall to going out. We do turn him out every morning and he does much better being outside in the cooler months than the summer. He goes out next to Livy and Tommy. Tommy likes to play rough over the fence, but Livy and Emmett flirt over the fence with each other. She lets out these silly squeals that he adores. In the barn his stall is next to Jiminy and they visit over their doors with each other.

Emmett is a real character -- we have fun dressing him up for the holidays. He makes goofy faces and enjoys the attention. Plus he enjoys playing with the other horses. He has had chronic lameness issues over the years. Part of his issues are caused by his getting up from laying down by pressing off his knees instead of normally getting up from his hind legs first. This has caused callouses on his knees that require constant care.

Emmett is available for adoption as a companion, but if you can’t take this lovable character home, please consider sponsoring Emmett or donating to his care. He’d love to be loved by you!.