Sanctuary Horses: Cookie

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In August, 2021, Mylestone was contacted by both state and local authorities asking if we had room for an emergency seizure. The pony, after being medicated by a vet, arrived here at the farm later that night, transported by a vet tech. Her very poor condition made clear why this was an emergency seizure.

The pony we have since named Cookie (because she loves cookies and treats), was about 15 years old when she arrived, and in a deplorable condition indicating longtime neglect. This resulted in her presenting in poor health, but also revealing a number of chronic conditions which remain challenges for her today.

Cookie could barely walk due to neglected hoof care, was dehydrated, and ended up developing a fever. We took her to Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center, where she stayed for 2 weeks. Her infection was treated with several antibiotics and IV fluids, though the equine center was not able to precisely determine the cause of her infection. Thankfully, she showed improvement and was able to return to the farm after 14 days.

Our farrier worked on Cookie's hooves, cutting off the excess, until she could finally stand and walk properly, despite the years of neglect. However, she suffers from chronic abscesses in her hooves, as well as permanent bone loss. In addition, she has both food and environmental allergies.

Thanks to the many heroes who have helped Cookie on her path to recovery, her health has improved greatly. Yet because her multiple medical issues are chronic, her condition still remains guarded. In spite of this, she is sweet and spunky, and very grateful to be receiving so much love and good care.