Adoptable Horses: Casper

Greener Pastures | Casper


Casper is a very handsome draft/cross palomino gelding in his mid 20s’ (Jan. 2021). He came to the farm late summer of 2019 with his friend Starry Night. Before coming to Mylestone, the two lived together for about 8 years. Their owners faced some serious difficulties and were being court ordered off their property. The pair would have been left with no one to care for them had Mylestone not stepped in to help. They were both thin when they arrived because their past owner stopped giving them grain, and they'd eaten the pasture way down.

They were both surprised to be around so many horses again, and happy to see them. While Casper and Starry had lived out 24/7, it became quickly apparent that Starry Night was a bit of a bully to Casper and he wasn’t getting enough food. Now he loves coming into a stall because with his own space he's not pestered by Starry, and gained weight and looks much better.

Once he settled in, Casper's lameness issues were evaluated by two vet consults using x-rays. He was found to have severe arthritis in both front fetlock joints, and now wears special shoes which makes it easier for him to break over when he walks. He is also on daily pain medication and gets around comfortably.

Casper and Starry like to graze out in the back of the field and visit with the other horses over the fence. Casper tends to keep to himself more while Starry is the social butterfly. Casper can sometimes be grumpy at feeding time, but his behavior is typical of horses that have been starved or had to fight for food. He likes people but likse the food they have for him a lot more. While he may be more aloof, he's a good boy to work around and behaves nicely for the vet and farrier.

It is unlikely that Casper will be adopted out with his advanced age and lameness issues. If that day comes, he will be the flashiest lawn ornament in the neighborhood! In the meantime, he is very grateful to have been rescued, have a comfy stall, and many meals a day waiting for him. The only thing he would love now is to be sponsored - would you sponsor our handsome Casper?