Share the LOVE with
The Mylestone Horses This Valentine’s Day!

Sponsor one of the following 5 horses for $40. Your loved one will receive a personalized Valentine Sponsorship. This is a one time sponsorship, we must receive the orders by 2/7/23 to be delivered by Valentine’s Day. Please fill out the Valentine Sponsorship form and mail it back with a check or email it to us and pay through Paypal. Any questions please email us at Thank you!

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Many of the horses rescued by Mylestone are available for adoption. Without exception, all have suffered in one way or another at the hands of people who have been neglectful and/or cruel. A lifetime of love and security would be a tremendous gift for these wonderful horses who have come so far in their recovery. Most are not ridable due to health issues, but would make great companion horses. Please read their stories. If you have the perfect home for them, let us know. And until that time, loving sponsors to assist in their care are welcome and needed!




Starry Night



Jiminy Cricket